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Romance Revenge -Lipgloss

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“Romance Revenge” was Inspired by Nicki One of our fav artists 🥰. A mixture of Sweet romantic flavors lime Strawberries, vanilla & candy apple. Smells so good, gets you feeling that romance revenge. We’ve added Natural Ingredients like Vitamin E, argan oil, and our secret formula! Our hydrating formula is made For your lips to feel hydrated and moisturized. Try our brand new Lip gloss “ROMANCE REVENGE”, and feel The mysterious sensation of our Sweet and minty smooth hydrating lip gloss. Natural products like Argan oil, coconut oil, and Vitamin E oil are included in your lipgloss. Add “ROMANCE REVENGE” to your Cart and straight into your everyday routine, because we came to Gloss baby!

  • Cosmetic Safe
  • Lip Moisture
  • SPF-Safe 
  • Color comes out clear
  • Shines with sparkles
  • Smooth included with a Vaseline moisturizer to keep your lips hydrated
  • Strawberry oil
  • vanilla oil
  • Candy apply Flavoring oil